LESS-STRESS™ bridge from HighComp

Due to a high demand from our costumers, we have desined, built and tested a composite bridge with several different advantages. We call it LESS-STRESS™, because its less stressfull for both the emloyees and the fish!

HighComps walk-way-bridges have a beautiful visual design with high finish surface that makes it easy for cleaning. Our light weight bridges with a lifespan of 50+ years, are made in large elements, which decrease assembly time.

The name LESS-STRESS™, relates to the fact that our closed concept design has shown great effect on the welfare of the fish. Clients are reporting that reduced noice and -visual impact from people crossing the tanks - results in a less stressed fish. Another advantage with HighComps composite bridge is the lack of dirt/bacteria ending up in the fish-tank due the closed design.

LESS-STRESS™ with HighComps walk-way-bridges

HighComp delivers up to 25 meter span without any support needed.

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