Civil Market

Composite materials is well suited for many civil applications due to its low weight - high strength ratio, long design life, low maintenance cost, simple and cost effective installation and competitive purchasing cost.

Composite Pedestrian Bridges

The low weight of the composite pedestrian bridges for roads and rails allows an effective installation. For example, a 20 meter bridge span was installed in 40 minutes using a relatively small mobile crane. Foundations can be built for the bridge landings without disturbing the traffic if the bridge shall cross a road or rail. The traffic/train need to stop for a short period (2-4 hrs with safety margins) during lifting/installation.

We have delivered bridges spanning up to 60 meters. CSUB/HighComp can also supply heavy duty bridges.

Arendal, Norway
Nyhavn, Bergen, Norway

Swimming Pools / Floating Modular Solutions

CSUB has been a partner for the development and supply of floating swimming pools. As part of this range, there has also been developed a number of floating utility buildings for shower/changing rooms, saunas, beach clubs etc.

Arendal, Norway

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Highlights from our customers

Fish Hatcheries in Trovåg
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Civil Market Features

Building Period

  • Nearly "finish from factory"
  • Customers saves construction time
  • Quick assembly at site

High Quality Finish

  • Boat finished on milled moduls
  • Reduced dirt accumulation
  • Long-lasting compared to other materials
  • Gelcoated GRP (same composition as yachts)

High Strength

  • Vacuum infused (VIP) laminate give twice the amount of reinforcement
  • Use of mulitaxial fiberglass fabric prevents ruptures
  • No need for formwork or steel plates
  • Optimal for seismic loads

Environmental Advantages

  • Low Co2 footprint
  • Emission-free production

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