We have a highly qualified engineering department, holding good knowledge of our customers needs, as well as specialized knowledge and methods from composite engineering.

Highcomp's engineering department is located in Arendal on the Norwegian south coast. This is where all main management functions, the global engineering and project execution capabilities, are located, and it lies in close vicinity to one of our factories located at Eydehavn.

Our engineering group consists of highly skilled engineers with a vast knowledge of design, fabrication and structural analysis of composites - always in accordance with local regulations.

Engineering Competence

  • Structural analyses, static/dynamic and soil analyses using tools as Ansys, Nastran, specific internal tools and hand calculation to develop and verify our design accordance with the relevant standards for the different industries that we are working with. Typical standards are NORSOK, DNVGL-ST-C501 Composite components and NS 9416 Standard for landbased aquaculture.

  • Fabrication engineering, ensure correct implementation of specifications from concept to production and follow-up of the produced quality through inspections, dimensional controls and material testing where relevant.

  • Qualification of new products, raw material and laminate combinations.

  • Product development and mechanical testing.

  • Cooperation with 3rd party verification bodies.

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Engineering Services

  • Design Basis
  • Design Requirements and Regulations
  • Optimization of Profiles and Materials

  • Preliminary Design
  • FEM Analysis tools
  • Any Required Testing

  • Final Design
  • Design reports

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