Fish Tanks

Our fish tanks are always pre-produced in our factory, using the material GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester), also called composite. This is a strong and flexible material, that scores high in many areas. The extreme weight-to-strength ratio provides lower construction and development costs.

In addition to competitive price, highest finish, 50+ years lifespan and low Co2 footprint, we see that our biggest sales argument these days are reduced project time. We preproduce big components in our factory, to give the shortest on-site assembly.

HighComp Circular fish farming tank
Circular Fish Farming tanks from HighComp
HighComps solution for offshore fish farming in aquaculture industry
HighComps solution for offshore fishfarming

As an EPCI supplier, we at HighComp pride ourselve with our focus on quality, precision, knowledge and safety. We have more than 30 years experience with the oil and gas industry, as well as extensive knowledge regarding the challenging aspects of subsea operations. Our experiences with enigneering and QHSE from the offshore industry is the reason we know exactly what makes a long lasting, high quality product for our customers in their aquaculture operations.

HighComp Octagonal Fish Farming Tank
HighComps Octagonal modul system

Octagonal shaped tank

Our experience and our knowledge lets us develop better, smarter and more enviromentally-friendly solutions. During the last years we have developed a octagonal shaped tank in competition with concrete constructions. The octagonal tanks has the same high quality, finish and long-lasting lifesycle as the regular tanks. Our costumers prefer the octogonal shaped tanks because of its low Co2 imprint.

HighComp Octagonal Fish Farmin Tank
You can get both the octagonal and the circular tanks in many different layups.

Many of our clients have limited space on site, and we understand that "every meter counts". Thats why we have designed the octogonal shaped tank that increases volume per square meter of approx 15%+

We also pre-produce LESS-STRESS™ bridges, that has enviromental advantages, that is optimal for a less stressed fish!

Highlights from our customers

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Fish Tank Features

Building Period

  • Our tanks are nearly "finished from factory"
  • Customers saves months in construction
  • Large elements give short assembly time

High Quality Finish

  • Boat finished on milled moulds
  • Reduced dirt accumulation
  • Long-lasting compared to other materials
  • Gelcoated GRP (same composition as yachts)

High Strenght

  • Vacuum infused (VIP) laminate give twice the amount of reinforcement
  • Use of multiaxial fiberglass fabric prevents ruptures
  • No need for formwork or steel plates
  • Unlimited size
  • Optimal for seismic loads

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