LESS-STRESS™ bridges

Due to a high demand from our customers, our engineering team have designed, built and tested a composite bridge with several different advantages.

Our walk-way bridges are made to look visually good with large panels to display your company logo, while also achieving a non-corrosive, high-quality finish.

LESS-STRESS bride from HighComp Walk-way-bridge

We call our closed designed walk-way-bridges for "LESS-STRESS™" because of the stress reduced advantages. Clients are reporting that reduced noice and -visual impact from people crossing the fish tanks - results in a less stressed fish. The closed design also reduces any dirt/bacteria ending up in the fish-tank. Our LESS-STRESS™ bridges, as all our product, 50+ years lifespan, reduced project time, low Co2 footprint, extreme strenght/weight ratio and strong, flexible materials. HighComp deliveres up to 25 meter span without any support needed!

LESS-STRESS bridge HighComp
LESS-STRESS™ with walk-way-bridges from HighComp

Highlights from our customers

Fish Hatcheries in Trovåg
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LESS-STRESS™ bridges Features


  • Beautiful visual design
  • Illuminated handrails
  • Large elements give short assembly time

High Quality Finish

  • Gel-coated smooth surface
  • Less dirt accumulate
  • Easy to clean

Light Weight and Durable

  • Easy to install
  • No corrotion
  • Low C02 footprint

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