Water Treatment Tanks

HighComp has launched a new product with the same high quality and advantages as our fish tanks and LESS-STRESS™ bridges. The water treatment tank is optimal for water purification, and can be delivered in all sizes and variations.

Water Treatment Tank from HighComp

HighComp's technology and deliverables are all tanks and auxiliary structures made from composites.

The Water Treatment Tanks are optimal for storage of various mechanical and biological filters and equipment for removing gasses such as N2 and CO2. They are build up with the same technology as the octagonal tanks, and makes a good match with our other products.

HighComp Deliverables
HighComp Deliverables

By ordering Fish Tanks, LESS-STRESS™ bridges and Water Treatment Tanks at HighComp, everything pre-produces and are ready for assembly at site. Not least, one shipment - one transport - lower costs.

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Fish Hatcheries in Trovåg
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Water Treatment Tanks Features


  • Beautiful visual design
  • Illuminated handrails
  • Large elements give short assembly time

High Quality Finish

  • Gel-coated smooth surface
  • Less dirt accumulate
  • Easy to clean

Light Weight and Durable

  • Easy to install
  • No corrotion
  • Low C02 footprint

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