Aqua Culture

Fish Tanks

We are always looking for ways to expand our knowledge, which is why we diversified from the oil and gass to the aqua culture-market 10 years ago.

Highly Skilled


We have a highly qualified engineering department, holding good knowledge of our customers needs, as well as specialized knowledge and methods from composite engineering.

Engineering services

Highcomp's engineering department is located in Arendal on the Norwegian south coast. This is where all main management functions, the global engineering and project execution capabilities, are located, and it lies in close vicinity to one of our factories located at Eydehavn.

Our engineering group consists of highly skilled engineers with a vast knowledge of design, fabrication and structural analysis of composites - always in accordance with local regulations.

Design Basis
Design Requirements and Regulations
Optimization of Profiles and Materials
Preliminary Design
FEM Analysis tools
Any Required Testing
Final Design
Design Reports

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