Fish Tanks

We are always looking for ways to expand our knowledge, which is why we diversified from the oil and gass to the aqua culture market over 10 years ago. Since then we have established ourselves as a market leader in the industry, and with the use of our offshore experience related to documentation and quality control we have been able to ensure that our products meet our customers’ expectations. 

Fish tank farming
HighComp AS - Fishtank


Our fish tanks are built with large elements to give the shortest construction time possible, while also achieving a high-quality finish and durability. 

Building Period

Our tanks are nearly "finished from factory"
Customers saves months in construction
Large elements give short assembly time

High Strength

Vacuum infused (VIP) laminate give twice the amount of reinforcement
No need for formwork or steel plates
Use of multiaxial fiberglass fabric prevents ruptures
Unlimited size
Optimal for seismic loads

High Quality Finish

Boat finished on milled moulds
Reduced dirt accumulation
Long lasting compared to other materials
Gelcoated GRP (same composition as yachts)


Documented strength (FEM analysis)
Traceability from raw material to finished product
NS 9416 certified

Environment friendly

Emission free production
Very low CO2-footprint from composite


Bolt pullout
Forklift impact
Forklift penetration
Dropped object
Material testing
Fish Tanks
Fish tank for the aqua culture industry.

Octagonal Shaped Tanks

We have now developed a new system to create composite octagonal tanks, for those of you who have traditionally built them using concrete. Our aim is to offer these tanks with the same high-quality finish and durability as our circular tanks. The environmental aspect of using more sustainable materials is an increasing concern for our customers, and it that respect composite is a number one choice. 

Fish Farming Tanks
The entrance of our Octogonal Shaped Tanks
Gangway - HighComp AS
Staircase leading up to our Octogonal Shaped Tanks.

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